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Scrap Metal Collection

A scrap metal collection was held on Easter Saturday 23rd April 2011. GEM Garden Centre kindly offered the use of their premises as the location for the collection.

Prices for our ‘precious metal’ were sought from various recyclers throughout Offaly, Laois, Dublin, Limerick and Cavan but in the end, a local man, Kieran Yeats, beat all the competition on price. Kieran organised delivery of two large skips to GEM Garden Centre on Good Friday.

On Easter Saturday, the car trailers, tractor trailers, trucks and teleporters flowed continuously through the gates of GEM Garden Centre. A group of approximately 20 volunteers worked tirelessly all day, unloading the queue of trailers, and the two skips were soon full to capacity. Still the trailers came, and further heaps were made throughout the yard.

At the start of the day, Kieran educated the volunteers on the value of the various metals. Copper, aluminium and lead were cited as the ‘must find’ metals. Each trailer load was carefully unloaded with the more valuable metals placed in separate heaps.

In the end, an incredible 65 tonne of metal was collected. This realised a sum total of €12,800 for the football club.
Many thanks must go to all who organised the project, GEM Garden Centre for the use of their facilities and the volunteers who helped on the day.

Special mention must go to Greg Flynn who organised everything and Micheal McIntyre and Alo Flynn who sourced substantial amounts of metal.

There were also large amounts of metal donated by Pat Grogan, Joe Grogan, John Daly and Erin Peats.
Thanks also to the management in the Briquette Factory, who allowed us the use of their weighing scales in the days after the collection.

A final thank you goes to the local community and businesses without whose support and generosity this fundraiser would not have been a success.