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Slí na Slainte Launch

Here is a few photos from the launch on the 1st July 2010. Photos by Rose Mannion (086 8647166). See more photos from Paddy Doyle (087 2879264) here. See speech from chairman Ray Bell at bottom of page.







Speech by Chairman of St Rynaghs Football Club : Ray Bell
First of all I’d like to welcome everyone as well to the sports fields here in Cloghan. We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with the Cloghan Community Development Association on this Project and it’s great to see so many people from the community already using this facility on a regular basis. I would like to thank Jimmy Christie and everyone involved in Cloghan Community Development Association for their help and also everyone in the ST Rynaghs Football Club Committee for all their hard work in making this walk a reality.
A few years ago a household survey was done in Cloghan and the results from this produced the “Cloghan Area Community Action Plan 2008 – 2012.” I would like to acknowledge the work that everyone did in developing this plan, the people of Cloghan, The Tipperary Institute, Offaly County Council and Offaly Local Development.  I would especially like to mention Steve O’Donoghue from Offaly Local Development who continues to work with Cloghan of the implementing of this plan and for all the work he does in driving us on. It’s great for the town because each group in the community now has something to work towards that enhances the area we live in. Jimmy has mentioned this already but I would also like to acknowledge the funding that was received from Offaly Local Development and West Offaly Enterprise Fund. Without this funding this project would not have been possible so I would like to thank them for their Financial Support.
In the Sports and Recreation part of the plan it identified “That additional sporting and recreational facilities be provided in the Cloghan community” and that other areas such as more walking areas be developed. Our GAA committee meet to discuss the plan and also to look at how we could develop our facilities more. We knew that people are more active and more interested in their health than ever before and we knew that developing a walkway would allow us to provide physical activity for people who no longer play GAA games. We knew this project was a win - win for everyone in the community and it show that if groups work together what can be achieved.
The walkway is exactly 1 KM in length and Steve again mentioned turning it into a Slí na Sláinte walk. Clodagh Armitage from the HSE and Edel Byrne from the Irish Heart Foundation are here today and I would like to thank both girls for all their work and for the signs and leaflets they made for us. There is only one other one Sli in Offaly at present and that in Tullamore so it’s great to see Cloghan getting theirs and this will help the area become a heart safe community. Edel is going to explain more later about Sli and the benefits etc so I’ll leave it to her.
This walkway was phase 1 of our ambitious plans to develop new facilities in our sports ground in Cloghan and this is now finished and we’re ready to move onto Phase 2. We are starting the next phase in August and this will consist of 4 new dressing rooms with shower & toilet facilities, kitchen / meeting rooms, outdoor toilet facilities, garage boiler room. The upstairs area will be 2700 sq foot and their will lots of ways that this will be able to be used.  Offaly GAA County Board (especially Maureen Kincade and Tony Cassidy) and the GAA Leinster Council have given us a lot of support on this next phase and I would like to thank them for their continued support and guidance. We have a development brochure that we are hand delivering to each house in the parish and we have already started to do this and some of you might have been visited already. We are explaining what to people what we are doing and how people can support us. Times are tough for a lot of people at the moment but it’s great to say that the community is 100% behind what we going to develop and the support we have received has been great. Cloghan and Banagher are great communities and when built this facility will be available to everyone in the parish to use.
As mentioned before the walkway and the lighting CCTV cameras etc were covered under this project. However all the work at the front of our sports field wasn’t covered so I would like to thank Pat Grogan publically for donating his time and the time of the lads that work for him including machinery in making the front of the sports field look so good. Pat went above and beyond what was asked from him and I would like to thank him for his donation to our club. I would also like to thank Ciaran Grogan for all his help and he too went above and beyond what was asked of him. Ciaran is a great club man and he is very knowledgeable on what needs to be done and he has been of great help to our GAA committee. I would like to thank Offaly County Council for providing all the kerbing at the front and to Ian Mahon for cleaning the old gates and for making the new ones look so good and to Ger Buckley for doing all the drawing and planning work for us. Pat Grogan left the wall so that all that had to be left was to plaster it and i would like to thanks the following people for volunteering their time to plaster the wall. We had a good bit of fun and crack on this job

Our Plasters:
  • Noel Flaherty
  • John Hanamy
  • Noel Buckley
  • Tony Walsh
  • Ciaran Flaherty
Apprentice Plasters
  • Mick and Mel McIntyre
  • Stephen Finneran
  • Adam Smith
  • Martin Grogan
  • Chris Slevin
  • Tomas Flaherty
  • PJ Vander Camon
  • Martin Farrell
Before I finish up I’d like to mention a few quick things:
  • I would like to thank the Paddy Kenny and all the FAS guys for all their continued help and all the work they do. I’d especially like to thank Eddie Higgins and PJ Caman for having the sports field looking so good. They put in a lot of work each week and the evidence is there for everyone to see.
  • This year sees us launch our first ever St Rynagh’s Football GAA Summer Camp in August and this is available for all boys and girls up to 12 years of age. You can contact Odhrán McIntyre for details about this.
  • Next year will see St Rynagh’s celebrating its 50th anniversary and we will have the new facilities built by then. The club plans  to  celebrate  this  with  various  events  throughout  the year so I’m just letting everyone know in time next year will be a special year for St Rynaghs Football and Hurling Club. We’ll remember and celebrate the great past teams and it will allow us to look to the future with great enthusiasm.
  • We will be putting our club plan together for the next 5 years during the winter months and we’d like to see everyone from the community getting involved and everyone is welcome to attend these meetings.
  • The GAA is a great way to meet people and socialise and we’d like to see more people getting involved. If you would like to find out more about what is happening in the club feel free to ask any of our committee members or log onto our website
  • Joseph Grogan Junior who does all the publishing work, brochures, booklets etc for our Club and he is a great asset to have and everything we print now has a very professional look and feel to it. 
  • I will like to thank Willie and Tommy Slevin for giving us use of the tents on a regular basis and to Pat Leonard who provided the bouncing castles.
  • I would like to thank Seán and Orla Clancy for providing the lovely organic food that we will be having after our walk and to wish them well with their new business venture. There new business name is Clanwood Organic Farm and they have a catering trailer for outdoor events and fun days.
  • Finally i would like to thank Pauline Curly for coming out and doing the official opening of the walking track for us. Pauline is first Offaly woman and only the fifth Irish woman to complete an Olympic marathon. Pauline represented Ireland in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and I think it’s perfect that our Offaly Olympian who comes from an amateur athletics background and who has achieved so much should open our new walkway.
Go Raibh mile maith agat!!
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